MI-X im B|Shop

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Eine Ausstellung zusammen mit Marie Athenstaedt und Ludwig Flohe am 10.01.14 im B|Shop. Nach festen Regeln werden den Bildern Klänge zugeordnet.



Live at Mandau Jazz in Zittau

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Yes we played together at Mandau Jazz in Zittau. Our Performance was a mix of some standard jazz tunes and some free improvisation. Felix Pfeifer … piano / Felix Krüger …. bass …..

14.10. Electronic Music @ Galerie Module

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Together with Sebastian Drichelt (TransAlp) we will perform some experimental music at the vernissage of the “DER GEFÜHLE WERT DER LEE(H)RSTELLE” at galerie module. Double bass, live electronic music and much empty space….

Start is at 3:00 pm in Königsbrücker Straße 96

Here is a photo of the performance.. The audio material is coming soon.

Subtraktive Syntese @ Donnerstag

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The 11.10.2012 will be another talk within the >donnerstag< in RiesaEfau, which is this time about advanced subtractive synthesis.

couch music by lausanne

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Pietzke published a nice album on bandcamp which is perfect for doing nothing in the living room or taking a bath. Take some time and enjoy….


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This is a nice long shot of the Oscar-Projekt-Trio playing at “Biergarten zum Museumskeller” at Erfurt.

OPTrio live with SECRET OF THE SUN from flex on Vimeo.

Lausanne @ STFU

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Recharging batteries and playing at STFU. A small festival for independent electronic music.